Don't Tell Them What To Do, They Know Who They Are: My Writing Journey Competition, 2020 Entry.

Tabitha Naidoo, Candice Baxter, Yamkela Gcithima… Sometimes I dream with my eyes wide open, only to meet unknown persons roaming about in my head. Some tell me their names, others have way too much time on their hands and don't mind telling me their entire life stories. Others are busy, have back-to-back meetings and can… Continue reading Don't Tell Them What To Do, They Know Who They Are: My Writing Journey Competition, 2020 Entry.

Top 9 Things I Have Learnt About Being a Writer.

We are only a handful of days away from ending yet another year and closing this chapter of our lives. These past few weeks of my inactivity have been weeks of reflection on my past as well as the refinement of my near and distant future plans. Having written quite a number of works in… Continue reading Top 9 Things I Have Learnt About Being a Writer.

If I Told You: A Letter to my Flowers

If I told you I've had multiple gardens before you,planted many a ferns; mosses; conifers and flowering plants,you wouldn't believe me.If I showed you where they once laid,in my heart, all you'd see are shallow graves.Broken tombstones.Mutilated sepals, petals, stamens and carpels, of thousands others that came before you-a little too soon.They shouldn't have been… Continue reading If I Told You: A Letter to my Flowers

Remember Me: A Short Story

Ping! Candice doesn't remember when her life took a bitter turn such as and became the mess that it is today but she's slowly coming to terms with her new state of living. At least that's what she tells herself, upon awakening, every single morning and, seconds before sleep overtakes her, every single night. She's… Continue reading Remember Me: A Short Story

From Hell, With Love: A Short Story.

A smile timely etches itself onto the features of her otherwise stoic face. Hearing the murmurs of excitement being tossed in and around the congregation of driven soldiers behind her has the tongue poking from the corner of her grinning lips taking kindly to the awaited change in temperature and taste that signals a time… Continue reading From Hell, With Love: A Short Story.

No One Is Better Than You: A Short Story

It is often said that one should find it in their being to pay the absolute respect to one's elders in order to avoid being damned into hell after the loss of life. To avoid being shunned by one's ancestors after the soul and body are laid to eternal rest. To avoid being labelled as… Continue reading No One Is Better Than You: A Short Story

… But I Still Want You: A Short Story.

If she were to receive monetary rewards for the total number of instances she was proven shamefully wrong by things the body beside hers is capable of doing, Thandeka wouldn't need to work for a few lifetimes. She feels her as if her soul itself sinks into the soft mattress beneath her form as they… Continue reading … But I Still Want You: A Short Story.

My Writing Journey Competition (2019 Entry): The Best Writing Tip I’ve Ever Received.

Tell your own truth. I watched him.  For months on end, never able to take my eyes off of him. The way he walked, like he was doing the ground a favour. The way he talked, bold to the bone. The way he worked, had me in tears whenever I saw his creations. Theatre-maker in… Continue reading My Writing Journey Competition (2019 Entry): The Best Writing Tip I’ve Ever Received.

Please Be Naked.

When proposing to me, Please be naked. Warm. Moist. Pleasurable. I am a sucker for brazen displays of sexuality. Easily excitable- Effortlessly lured in- Positively swayed And willing to grab the sheets upon instruction. Use silk ribbons; Suspend my bare body, From your ceiling Of truth and trust. Blindfold my doubts, Gag my insecurities, Lick… Continue reading Please Be Naked.